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Sunscreen Lotions Blamed for Coral Damages at Thailand's Maya Bay

Penelitian - Sunscreen lotions were found to have played their part in killing or damaging corals at a famed tourist bay, which has been closed indefinitely, in southern Thailand, a senior official said on Sunday.

Authorities found that many tourists to Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi islands off Krabi province had applied sunscreeen lotions on their skin before they took a swim or dive in the sea without knowing that such chemicals had eventually killed or seriously damaged the corals, according to deputy director general of the Department of Natural Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Chongkhlai Woraphongsathorn.

Penelitian Sunscreen Lotions Blamed for Coral Damages at Thailand's Maya Bay

In addition, Chongkhlai said that a large quantity of sand and sediments, which had been brought along the underwater currents made by ferry boats and humans from the beach area, had severely damaged the corals. As many as 180 ferry boats had shuttled visitors to Maya Bay daily.

The department has indefinitely closed the tourist bay, pending a full recovery of its ecological condition surrounding the corals and other aquatic lives.



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