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Self-powered H2 Production with Bifunctional Hydrazine as Sole Consumable

Penelitian - Researchers of the Tianjin University of Technology use the Fe-CoS2 nanosheets as anodes to assemble direct hydrazine fuel cells (DHzFCs) with H2O2 or O2 as oxidizing agents, which have been recognized as a green type of energy devices without CO2 emission.

Increasing petroleum consumption and global pollution have triggered an urgent demand to find clean energy sources with renewability, for which hydrogen (H2) is considered as a promising candidate due to its zero CO2 emission and high energy density.

Penelitian Self-powered H2 Production with Bifunctional Hydrazine as Sole Consumable

Electrocatalytic water and hydrazine splittings have been developed as two green approaches to produce H2, each of which consists of two reactions, hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and water oxidation reaction (WOR) for water splitting and HER and hydrazine oxidation reaction (HzOR) for hydrazine splitting.

HzOR has a lower overpotential to overcome than WOR. Moreover, when no separation methods are used, the product of hydrazine splitting is the mix of H2 and N2, much safer than that of water splitting (H2 and O2).

However, a major hindrance of current hydrazine splitting is that an external power supply is required for driving its electrochemical process, causing it not to be applicable to mobile devices, vehicles and field activities. Hence, it is greatly desired to develop a self-powered electrocatalytic H2 generation system.

The maximum power density (Pmax) values are found to be 246 mW cm−2 (H2O2) and 125 mW cm−2 (O2), which are both among the best values published for DHzFCs with Co-based electrocatalysts.

Reserachers also use the Fe-CoS2 nanosheets as anodes and cathodes to perform overall hydrazine splitting (OHzS), and the OHzS operating voltage is found to be as low as 0.95 V for achieving 500 mA cm−2, also among the best results of all reported OHzS works.

Journal : Xijun Liu et al. Self-powered H2 production with bifunctional hydrazine as sole consumable, Nature Communications, 19 October 2018, DOI:10.1038/s41467-018-06815-9



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