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James Allison and Tasuku Honjo Share 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology

Penelitian - The Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology has been jointly awarded to James Allison of the University of Texas and Tasuku Honjo of Japan's Kyoto University for discovering a form of cancer therapy.

The 9 million-kronor ($1.01 million) prize was announced Monday by the Nobel Assembly of Sweden's Karolinska Institute. The two winners made discoveries that "constitute a landmark in our fight against cancer," according to a statement from the institute.

Penelitian James Allison and Tasuku Honjo share 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology

Allison and Honjo did parallel work to stimulate the body's immune system's ability to attack tumors. Allison studied a protein that acts as a brake on the immune system and the potential of releasing that brake. Honjo separately discovered a new protein on immune cells and eventually found that it also acts as a brake.

"Therapies based on his discovery proved to be strikingly effective in the fight against cancer," the assembly said in a statement.

Releasing the potential of immune cells to attack cancers joins other treatments including surgery, radiation and drugs. The physics prize is to be announced Tuesday, followed by chemistry. The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be named Friday. No literature prize is being given this year.



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