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At least 30 killed in Central Sulawesi earthquake

Penelitian - Chairman of the Indonesian Doctors Association or IDI, Central Sulawesi branch, I Komang Adi Sujendra, said at least 30 people died by the 7.4 Richter scale earthquake shook Donggala and the Tsunami in Palu City in Indonesia.

All victims died of the earthquake who were treated in the Central Sulawesi Provincial General Hospital, Undapata Palu. Komang also said at least 12 people needed follow-up for surgery and intervention by a specialist.

Penelitian At least 30 killed in Central Sulawesi earthquake

Nine other people also need follow-up due to head trauma. Komang also requested assistance such as the addition of medical personnel, medicines, field hospitals, blankets and other items to help earthquake victims. At present the hospital suffers from power, telephone and internet death.

"The electricity goes out in our hospital, we have access to cracked roads, and we cannot do internet calls. We ask for help from the parties to make field hospitals, tents, medicines, tarps, medical personnel, blankets and others that needed," Komang said.

The Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) revealed the Tsunami striking Talise Beach in Palu and the Coast in Donggala, Central Sulawesi on Friday. The earthquake also occurred in Donggala Regency.



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