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Nanoelectric stickers makes Internet of things easier

Penelitian - Scientists created "thin-film electronic circuits that are easily removable from the surface" as the first step in creating an unobtrusive Internet-of-Things solution. The embedded sticker can be watered onto the object surface and used as a sensor or wireless communication system.

"We can adjust the sensors, attach them to drones and send drones to dangerous areas to detect gas leaks, for example," says Chi Hwan Lee of Purdue University in West Lafayette.

Penelitian Nanoelectric stickers makes Internet of things easier

Ductile metal coatings such as nickel are inserted between electronic films and silicon wafers that make the possibility of peeling in the water. This thin film electronics can then be trimmed and pasted onto any surface, providing an electronic feature object. Placing stickers in flower pots, for example, makes flower pots capable of sensing temperature changes that can affect plant growth.

The circuit "prints" the system by etching the circuit on the wafer and then placing the film on the trail. Then, with the help of a little water, the researchers can peel the film and use it as a sticker. The team reported the findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Journal : Dae Seung Wie et al. Wafer-recyclable, environment-friendly transfer printing for large-scale thin-film nanoelectronics, PNAS, July 16, 2018, DOI:10.1073/pnas.1806640115



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