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Researchers used a new way to scan embryo in minutes

An international team developed a new way of high-resolution microcomputed tomography using high-brightness plasma-based X-ray sources that will instantly record scans in minutes. Demonstrations are also applied to the tomography of centimeter-scale complex organisms to achieve quality equivalent to commercial scanners.

High-resolution tomographic microcomputation technology currently uses benchtop X-ray sources that require long scanning times due to heat load restraints on the anode. Synchrotron light sources are impractical for certain applications and the development of high-brightness laboratory scale sources is essential.

Penelitian Researchers used a new way to scan embryo in minutes

Efforts have been made primarily to reduce acquisition time at high spatial resolution in micrometer estimates to facilitate in vivo and high-throughput operations. Jason Cole from Imperial College London and the international team presented a sample imaging of mouse embryos using a compact laser-plasma-based X-ray light source and compared the results with images obtained using commercial X-ray μCT scanners.

The stable X-ray performance enables quality tomographic imaging equivalent to μCT scanners. Flux X-rays can be achieved by this approach with laser repetition scales without sacrificing source size that will allow recording of high resolution μCT scans within minutes.

Journal : Jason M. Cole et al. High-resolution μCT of a mouse embryo using a compact laser-driven X-ray betatron source, PNAS, June 5, 2018, DOI:10.1073/pnas.1802314115



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